May 2018

The Node.js Event Loop: A Developer’s Guide to Concepts & Code

  • Satish 

Asynchrony in any programming language is hard. Concepts like concurrency, parallelism, and deadlocks make even the most seasoned engineers shiver. Code that executes asynchronously is unpredictable and difficult to trace when there are bugs. The problem is inescapable because modern computing has multiple cores. There’s a thermal limit in each single core of the CPU, and nothing is getting any faster. This puts pressure on the developer to write efficient code that takes advantage of the hardware. JavaScript is single-threaded,… Read More »The Node.js Event Loop: A Developer’s Guide to Concepts & Code

A Beginner Splurge in Node.js

  • Satish 

One exciting thing about Node.js is that it runs anywhere. This opens up various possibilities for experimenting with the stack. For any seasoned veteran, this is a fun run of the command line tooling. What’s extra special is that we can survey the stack from within the safety net of the command line. And it’s cool that we’re still talking about JavaScript — so most readers who are familiar with JS shouldn’t have any problem understanding how it all works.… Read More »A Beginner Splurge in Node.js