Satish Pandey

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A dynamic, hands-on, detailed oriented, and highly-analytical IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Experienced in Agile methodologies, Project management, and Data Validation, service delivery, change control, project life-cycles, data gathering, and code documentation.

Having Team Leadership qualities, I split, prioritize, and delegate tasks to developers, consult developers on best practices, ensure the high quality of software products, mentor junior/senior staff. I am versed with the talent to take a business to the next level with my skills and expertise.



Client Testimonials

Satish is meticulous and never gives up. He will work additional hours in the run-up to deadlines. He has a wealth of technology experience and is proficient in both front end tech as well as Java server-side. He takes feedback on assignments very well and immediately adapts his ways of working to suit the requirements.

Steven |

Lead Developer | Upwork

Satish is quick learner with very high ownership. His technical competence range from developing a new product with SOA architecture to standardization of user interface development in GWT. He learnt web development (CSS internals) and GWT in a quick span of time and was able to evolve standardization for automatic generation of GWT code from user interface HTMLs provided by UI designer. He is a hard working person with delivery orientation.

Nayan Jain|

CTO | LinkedIn

Satish helped us greatly over the life of the contract. He has become more valuable then we could have expected. He picked up the slack and took over several areas of our overall stack. Absolute great find. Excellent!

Dirk |

Product Owner | Upwork

Satish is an outstanding engineer. He has a thorough understanding of software architecture and contemporary design principles. Recently, he re-architected an n-tier distributed software system to fully embrace cloud computing, including message processing, distributed data storage, big-data computation, and on-demand auto-scaling compute services. Satish and I co-authored “Safely Manage AWS Security in Apache Spark”, a presentation on Amazon Web Services security techniques for an Apache Spark big data environment. This was delivered at the 2017 Spark Summit in Dublin, Ireland.

Keith |

Sr. Software Developer | LinkedIn

Satish is a good developer ...., he fights and does not give up to make sure to get things right. which is what you need when you are breaking new ground in coding and UI experiences. This a skill that many developers do not have and often overlooked. it's all too easy to do average work.....but it you want more than average ..then use Satish

Michael |

Founder | Upwork

Great Developer with fresh new ideas. Worked with Satish on the backend of a project that was left in the middle of design. He was able to come in and finish the structure of the code and fix all issues I had. Will do business with again as it was a pleasure to work with Satish. His ideas made it easier for my App Developer to finish their end of the project as well.

Trevor |

Founder | LinkedIn

Wonderful experience with Satish. I am amazed with his troubleshooting skills. I was struggling with this issue for past few weeks but Satish managed to resolve this in couple of hours. Very happy for this quick turnaround.

Brijesh |

CTO | Upwork

Satish had been a great help. I was stuck with an issue for a few days and Satish was able to come up with an optimal solution within a less than 2-3 hours, along with proper explanation. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for great quality work. Kudos!

Ayush |

Founder| Upwork

Excellent developer


Wei |

Product Manager| Upwork

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Work Experience


Passionate Freelancer with extensive hands on experience of tools used in Full-Stack development always ready to buckle up for new challenges and ideas.

Technical Team Lead

Experience in nutshell:

* Expertise in architecture, design and development of complex enterprise applications using MEAN / MERN & Java / J2EE

* Product Design & Development experience with Microservice Architecture

* Designed and developed Infrastructure Management / Desktop Management / System Management systems

* Experience in handling team of 10 software developers


Principal Software Engineer

Experience in nutshell:

* Decade of SW Product Development Experience with every phase of SDLC / PDLC

* Hands-on Architect / Technical Leader

* Involved in both new product development (Concept to completion) – multiple products as such - and sustenance of legacy products

* Rich experience in Agile Dev Methodology with Continuous Development / Integration (CD / CI)

* Hands-on Expertise in architect, design and development of complex NMS / EMS for various network verticals

* Designed and developed SDN Controller platform